1835 E. Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia PA 19148
phone: KL1-2345 / EraAtomica1726@gmail.com

Our Staff

 Taryn a.k.a. Taryn Paper a.k.a. Manager a.k.a. Responsible For Everything Cool And Efficient has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design but more importantly, saves discarded and broken umbrellas in order to sew them into waterproof doggie raincoats. You can view them at Her Website HERE.

Mother of three adorable Pugs, she will insist you bring your dog inside the store in order to spoil them with treats and cuddles.

If you stop in on the weekends or on any given Tuesday, you've met Jeremy. Jeremy is a triple threat because he is extremely proficient in furniture repair and restoration, he loves to help you find the pieces you need for your space and he can reach whatever is on high shelving.

We think he's perfect, he's always working hard on a project and the transformations he's made on some of the pieces we've brought it have been astounding! We are lucky to have him on staff, and we appreciate all the compliments you have for him!